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Ten Simple Wedding Ideas to Help Keep You on Budget

( These stunning vintage brass candlesticks can be rented from us for $3 each)

Looking to have your dream wedding but you really only have a shoestring budget. With some patience and creativity you can still have your dream wedding. With some well thought out strategies and some help from your friends you will leave your guest wondering how much money you spent to have such a stunning wedding.

First, start out by creating a vision board of all the must haves for your wedding and those items you wish you could have. Reach out to other brides and ask them if they had to do it all over what would they spend their money on and what items could they have done without. Prioritize your list and set a budget you would like to stay within. There are many helpful resources out their designed to make budgeting easier with a simple to use tool. Check these out.

2-Call in some favors, did some of your friends or relatives just recently marry, they may have items they would be willing to part with or sell to you at discounted prices. Search Facebook Market Place , for deals from newly married couples who want to clean out their garage of all the left over wedding items. Join a FB group of newly engaged brides, these brides are eager to share and help one another.

3- Reach out to your wedding planner, florist, photographer, venue, caterer, etc. They work with each other all the time and they too will share information and maybe able to help locate decor items that you are interested in rather then purchasing the items. For example, Laurie Catherine Events, ( that's us) we have a large inventory of rental items from the smallest decor, such as votives and bud vases up to floral arbors and vintage furniture. Since COVID hit the wedding industry hard many florist and other vendors are looking to rent out their stock to help make up for loss of income during this challenging time. (Fireplace below available for rent from us for $75 not including florals or other decor.)

4- If you're open to mixing and matching some of your decor items and plan ahead you can shop flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, etc for vintage or rustic decor that with a little bit of imagination can be transformed into one of a kind decor. We purchased several style vases from an up cycling shop and painted them all the same to achieve a cohesive look.

These stunning Summer Floral Centerpieces were placed in vases found at a local recycling shop and spray painted gold and then aged by spraying them again with Vinegar for a mercury glass affect. The wooden slabs were cut from a downed tree in our yard and with some sweat equity they were turned into the perfect centerpiece to help our bride achieve the Elegant Rustic look they were wanting. The gold votives and glass bud vases were all rented from us for $1-$ 2 a piece.

5- Check your local dollar stores, many of them like Dollar Tree ,carry items that are meant for weddings or can easily be transformed into wedding decor. Below are an example of cylinders that can be purchased at a dollar store chain and they often have ivory pillar candles like these that can be placed in the glass cylinders for a romantic feel . ( These rustic crates can be rented from us for $3-4 each.)

6- RENT it don't BUY it, the wedding industry has had an explosion of Rental Decor businesses over the past five years. Todays couples are looking at ways to recycle and up cycle , it helps our environment, keeps the budget in check, and gives couples the ability to let their personalities shine. No more cookie cutter ceremonies and receptions. You can rent Rustic, Elegant, BOHO, Vintage, on Trend Decor and more from so many creative and outstanding companies.

Our vintage typewriter adorned with vibrant blooms welcomes guest to your reception. (Rents for $10 without florals.) Our vintage door and on trend welcome sign can also be rented , send email to for more details.

7- Florals add the finishing touch to any event and add texture and color to your cherished photos. They can take up a sizable amount of your budget . Here are a few ways to help keep your floral budget in check. Picks florals that are in season, for example if you love lilacs, peonies, or lily of the valley get married in the Spring, if you love Hydrangeas try getting married in the Summer when they are plentiful and perhaps you even have them growing in your yard or a relatives yard. They dry beautifully and work well with a Fall themed wedding with pumpkins. Ask your wedding florist to advise you on this and also recommend florals that are on the lower end of the price range. Your florist can get quotes for you from their wholesalers and are often better then those online floral companies.

8- Use items that are readily available like mason jars and wine bottles that can be easily repurposed to fit your color scheme or palette. You can buy hangers for them and turn them into hanging candles . ( We went the mason jars and copper altar).

9- Ask your venue, believe it or not many venues may have what your looking for, items like wood slices, candles, votives, table runners, small side tables are often owned by the venue already and can be had for the night. Many venues have items that brides or other vendors have left behind and are sitting in their storage area, it never hurts to ask.

10- Be creative, there are endless resources and ideas that can help keep you within budget, plan ahead, reach out to a wedding planner they can help you through the pitfalls, after all this is likely the first time you've done this. You can hire a planner to help you through the process from beginning to end or a day of coordinator to keep things on track the day of, free up yourself and loved ones, you can also have a wedding stylist or decorator set up your reception and/or venue.

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