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Five Things to Know before Planning Your Wedding


Talk about how you want your wedding to feel , is there a vibe your going for such as Elegant Boho, Modern Classic, Rustic Glam, Eclectic Vintage, etc? Is there a color palette your drawn too. Make a list of the things that are most important to you, is it great food, an awesome band, beautiful blooms, stunning photos to capture the day...?Write down all the vendors you are going to hire and prioritize from most important to least important and set a budget for each. How big is your wedding party going to be, how many guest are you going to invite, these all impact the budget? Are you a let's party couple with all our friends and family or do you want an intimate ceremony and reception with just your closest relatives and friends?


Most couples know that choosing the right venue is key to a successful wedding but often times you don't know the right questions to ask. For most couples it's their first time and uncharted territory. As a Wedding Planner I tell my clients to ask how many weddings will the venue be having on their date, how many staff will be dedicated to their wedding, how much time are my vendors allotted for setup and breakdown , this is a key question as some venues only offer a very short setup time which could lead to added expenses if your vendor needs to bring on extra staff to accommodate, does the venue allow your decor to be brought ahead of time and can your items be picked up the following morning rather then having to worry about them the night of the wedding? Does the venue have an event coordinator and what is their role and have them outline their responsibilities and what you are responsible for? For example, will they setup your centerpieces or welcome station for you? Will their staff help breakdown any decor at the end of the night. Does your venue require you to have day of insurance?


Remember the choice you make for your venue will determine many things, do you want a venue that allows you to choose all your vendors ala cart and a blank canvas for a backdrop to your perfect day? A tented backyard wedding looks very different from an established venue . While a backyard wedding will allow you to put your own stamp on your day you also must remember that you will need to bring in chairs, tables, electricity, bathrooms, catering, bar, bartenders, cleanup crew, trash receptacles and removal . An established venue will take some of these task off your list but you are also often limited on linen colors, chair style, room layout, ceremony and reception timelines,etc. Know your strengths and weaknesses, do you want to be more hands on or are you more, let the experts handle it type of person?


Have you been pinning wedding images on your Pinterest board or love looking at stunning weddings on Instagram? Remember these tips and tricks to have the most magical wedding and save a few bucks in the process. You don't need to buy all your wedding decor, there are so many rental companies now that offer wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, bridal flowers, and wedding decor. Ask your venue if they have wedding decor available to you or items they rent. It saves money and the environment, as well as you the hassle of reselling or storing items you may not ever need again. My own company offers wedding planning , styling, florals, and rentals , check out all our services here


Talk to recently wed couples, join social media groups, talk to vendors, attend bridal expos. Hire a wedding planner who has expertise in walking you through the process, remember they have experience that you may lack and also have a list of preferred vendors that they know and trust to help navigate.

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