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Sometimes Simple is Best...

There is something beautiful in life 's simplest things. The sound of the morning birds chirping, the sip of your first cup of coffee ( tea for me actually ), the fading evening sky. In the world of home decor and design sometimes the simplest statement can be the best. Pinterest ,Home Decor Blogs, and Online Home Stores are filled with inspirational statements that scattered around ones home can be uplifting and at times even motivating. They are often quiet reminders of all that is good in our world and what we are thankful for.

At a time when our homes have become our safety net and we are surrounded by our families these simple blessings are even more evident. I find Etsy to have a large variety of these signs and I love to support small businesses. . Follow this link to the purchase the Let's Stay Home Sign below.

These words that surround us can help remind us as we go through our fast paced and at times hieratic lives to slow down and enjoy life 's simple pleasures. One of the other reasons I love word art is their simplicity lends it's self to combine with a variety of decor styles. They work well with the Farmhouse Style but also can feel at home in a modern space.

Leaving a clean slate around word art really helps the words expressed to be the focal point. We are drawn in to read the written word, our minds stop for a moment and think about what the message means to us , it also gives you a small glimpse into what the homeowner values. It's a statement on their home and personality.

Scroll art has become popular in the world of home decor as well as the wedding industry. They are a fun way to add whimsy to your home or a wedding venue. Writing a welcome message to your guest or spell out the menu or drink list are a unique way to let your guest know what's to come. At home they can have an inspirational message or spell out a list of needed items from the store. However you chose to incorporate word art into your home, have fun and let the words be the Star by keeping all that surround it SIMPLE!

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