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How to Pick the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Wedding

You said yes to the dress and now you need to pull your wedding theme or color scheme together. But, with so many options and chooses it can become overwhelming, so where should you begin? First you should go with a color palette that speaks to who you are. If you have always loved the color blue then you likely would love it to play a role in your wedding palette. Maybe, there is a color that was a favorite of a beloved relative that is no longer with you and your want to honor them. What about that special dress or outfit that you wore on your first date that captured his heart, perhaps it's a was a stunning shade of coral and your bridesmaids would look beautiful in it. What I am trying to say is , if you make it personal to you and your future husband or wife it will always be cherished. Color fades come and go but personal connection never will.

If you still feel uncertain and you want to be on trend then search Pinterest and other websites like for color trends and how the Pantone color of the year translates into the world of weddings. They group colors together to help you choose coordinating colors and will outline the mood set by these pairings. Below is a beautiful grouping of colors that would translate for a stunning garden style wedding.

When choosing your color palette think of all the different areas where your colors will repeat themselves. From the bridesmaid dresses to the table linens and your wedding florals. Will it be easy to match florals with the colors you have chosen. Set up a picture grid of all your options and see if they flow together nicely. Take a step back and see if they reflect your vision.

Take a look at paint chips and see how the colors play of one another and blend together, if you want a subtle statement use colors in similar hues , if you want to make a bold statement go with colors on the opposite of the color wheel. The world of interior design uses color trends based off the Pantone color of the year. Check these home decor color trends as these often translate to the wedding world and when they are on trend it can be easier to purchase items for your reception.

Contact a wedding stylist , color theory is our speciality and we can help bring together styles, color palettes , and themes while helping you stay on budget. The wedding professionals are an amazing group of talented creative souls that love to work together to help you achieve your dream wedding. We call upon each other when our clients want something they can't find on their own and are pooled resources are invaluable to our clients. Contact us today and can help bring make your dream a reality.

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