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How to add Shabby Chic Romantic Vintage Farmhouse Style to Your Home Decor

Do you love the look of Shabby Chic , Romantic, Vintage, Farm House , French Country home decor ?

I do, it all started years ago when my dad would bring us on long Sunday drives through the New England countryside. I found myself as a child loving all the beauty that surrounded us and obsessed over the homes that were well loved my their owners. I loved the manicured lawns, the perfectly placed wreath on the front door, the mix of beautiful blooms planted along their walkways. I admired the strength of the Colonial home, the charm of a New England Cottage Cape, the curated look of a well lived in home littered with vintage decor.

One of my favorite ways to add Shabby Chic , Romantic, Vintage, Farm House , French Country home decor is by adding items collected over time. My favorite are items collected at Flea Markets, Estate Sales, and Yard Sales as these items are often vintage and have that well worn patina. One of my favorite decor items to collect is vintage plates. Many have soft floral patterns that can be used in so many creative ways Above, I used a vintage wicker picnic basket filled with English bone china plates and a pansy filled tea cup. I love to display plates in small stacks on my dining room table or in a basket on my coffee table. Pairing rich colored napkins with delicate lace trimmed linen napkins adds a touch of soft romantic style.

Let's talk flowers, another one of my must haves, stunning blooms. They do so much for our homes, depending on the blooms they can tell a story, they define a season, like in the picture above, these Lilacs and Lily of the Valley spell Spring. They say soft, romantic, their texture adds depth and the scent brings up memories of lazy days and sun filled skies. The way you arrange them conveys your chosen style. Style the Lilacs in a white ironstone pitcher and it says Farmhouse, place them in a pink depression glass vase and it says shabby chic, romantic, vintage, Add further interest by using risers to elevate your decor, place them in unexpected places like a seldom used living room chair in the corner of the room.

Fabric, oh how I love a beautiful piece of fabric. Lace doilies handmade, its difficult for me to pass one by. Light weight and flowing , soft muted colors, shear textures lend themselves to the romantic, shabby chic, french country , farmhouse style. Add small bits of fabrics to your home decor to define your personal style through throw blankets, decorative pillows, and window treatments.

Not sure how to define your style, study, look at Pinterest for inspiration, Instagram, and Facebook. Google home decor bloggers and follow their pages. See how they define their spaces and notice how they curate and mix styles. Subscribe to various magazines that feature beautiful homes and keep them on hand to reference. Some of by favorites decor bloggers are,,,

Painted furniture, or just the style of your furniture says so much about your personal style, do you like light colors, bright colors, dark woods? Do you like rustic, shabby and worn or clean crisp lines? Painted furniture is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make a statement or transform a piece you may like into something you love. Painted furniture is at the heart of Shabby Chic decor and also works well with French Country as well as the Farmhouse look. Pictured above is a good example of how painted furniture in two opposing styles can work beautifully together. The bed has a soft French Country fell and the dressers have a more Farmhouse feel , with some traditional lines.

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