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French Country Inspired Christmas in a 1950's Cottage

I have always been inspired by European design. I think it all started with my dear Aunt Shirley. She and her family had a beautiful home in Canada on many acres of land. Their home was filled with vintage elegant treasures from Europe that gave their home an old world feel. I loved the delicate look and attention to details found in her decor. A gathered over time and place feel. Then there was the weekend trips I would go on with my father and mother to the beautiful coastal port of Newport , RI. Those splendid " Summer Cottage" with all that gilded age splendor would keep me dreaming for hours. So I love bringing a piece of that elegant old world feel to my 1950's cottage.

This year I wanted to highlight some of my vintage collection. I have a soft spot for angels, cherubs, shiny gold objects, and beautiful glowing candlelight, anywhere and everywhere I can, I do! Little vignettes of found items adorn the corners of my charming cottage, this one sits atop a green velvet ladies parlor chair. Oh , yes, another obsession, vintage vanity mirrors, anyone else?

I love adding a different color to my favorite holiday base colors of gold and white, this year pink seemed to be my choice as it pairs well with elegant female touches of pearls and dried florals, and a nod to French Country vibes.

I love these vintage stagecoach pictures I just landed a few weeks ago at an Estate Sale for $5 each, love the gold frames, and I can see Marie Antoinette arriving at Versailles in one of them. Yes, I have a vivid imagination. The extra large vintage vanity mirror was another Estate find, I love its delicate scrolled edges. I add mirrors to all my holiday decor wherever I have lights or candles, it reflects the light and adds extra sparkle at night.

I love the touch of pink these hydrangeas add to the palette. Cut from my sister's yard in October and combined with extra large pine cones for a natural element and added texture.

Even my Christmas tree gets a touch of candle and mirror magic. I put my gold brass full size candlesticks in the tree and placed a mirror behind each one to add a soft glow at night.

Here's a better look at the mirrors and candles added to my flocked Christmas tree . Some more touches of pink with soft chiffon fringed ribbon, pearl strands, and hydrangeas. The candles are all remote control so just a click and you have soft mood lighting mixed into your tree.

It may be just me, but vintage Christmas decor just has so much personality, look at these sweet angel faces. Another Estate Sale find, this one was a gold mind , and bonus points for being around the corner from my house, looking back I should have bought more things, it was the sweetest little house filled with precious treasures.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday season. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on my holiday decor and what some of your favorite Christmas finds are.

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