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Blooms in a Box- A Lesson in Vignettes

I love to arrange small vignettes throughout my home and to me there is just something missing if beautiful florals aren't included. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, the renewal of all things green, lush, fragrant, and colorful. One of the easiest ways to add a touch of Spring into your home is with a small collection of items you love displayed in a creative way.

When putting together a small vignette or a grouping of decor ,a great trick is to contain the display in something like a tray, basket, decorative box, or a small suitcase. I often see trays used in this way , displayed on coffee tables, I like to take uncommon objects and fill them with interesting objects that I love. In the above photo I have used a vintage wicker picnic basket and turned it into a small vignette displayed on my kitchen counter.

To make your display interesting utilize the principles of design and display items at varying heights to add depth and visual contrast. Make sure to mix textures , in my box of blooms , I have a mix of textures from the roughness of the wicker box , to the softness of the pink lace table runner , and the delicate blooms add a texture only mother nature can provide.

One of my all time favorite things to add to a small vignette is vintage decor items. I have placed some of my back yard blooms , pink and white Lily of the Valley , in a pink depression heart shaped vase. I also love to collect various place settings and this one is called the Cottage Trellis by Tracey Porter. I have used a box as a riser under the lace runner and placed a vintage vanity mirror on top of the riser, the mirror helps to add a romantic elegant feel and the lose pages from an old love novel keep the nostalgic feeling flowing. The small King Charles Spaniel represents our sweet Bella that has passed on, oh how we miss her!

Hope you enjoyed my Blooms in a Box and how to make a small vignette utilizing some of the principles of design. Stop by next week for more design tips.

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