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Garden Blooms and Vintage Decor the Perfect Marriage

Do you love the look of just picked florals, or perhaps you can't take your eyes off the beauty of an English garden. England is known for it's stunning walled gardens from the grand palaces to the common household kitchen garden. Both achieve that fresh picked, organic, romantic look that pairs so well with todays wedding styles. Unstructured, loose, and hand picked. Our floral designers help our brides achieve this look for their wedding day.

Combining these hand picked blooms with beautiful vintage decor makes a personal statement on your wedding day. Jade Interiors has curated hundreds of vintage pieces to help you make your wedding day one of a kind. Each vision you have is brought to life by our designers from rustic elegance to romantic garden weddings to stunning mansion venues our team can make your vision a reality.

It starts with our couples reaching out to us and letting us know what their vision is, describing to us in 3 to 4 words how they want their special day to feel, perhaps it's Romantic, Garden Party, Elegant. Together we put together an inspiration board to achieve the desired look . Then we chose the florals, the decor items, rental items, and floor layout and design. Our team puts together the proposal and budget and presents it to the couple for sign off. Want to learn more send us an email at to start your wedding planning.


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